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I am Ilse, skin specialist with a practice in the center of the beautiful Amsterdam neighbourhood "de Jordaan". Our team of experienced practitioners is ready for you 7 days a week. Our customers receive the attention they deserve: by taking our time we try to fix your problems at the source. Read below about the treatments and products and determine whether our method suits you. For questions you can always contact us via phone, email or the contact form on the bottom of this page. Book an introductory treatment directly via the online agenda. Hope to see you soon at van Ilse!

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As skin specialists we strive to help everybody with his or her skin problems. Based on our intake and your personal preferences, together we will create the perfect treatment or treatment series for you. This way we make sure you get a great experience and the best results.


Insurance coverage of skin treatments

Insurance coverage

Because we are affiliated with branch organization ANBOS, you can be eligible for reimbursement of the acne treatments with an additional insurance. This depends on your policy and the policy conditions. Ask your health care provider what rights to reimbursement you have and consult the policy conditions. You are responsible for handling the invoices with your health insurer.


The product systems we use are the ones offered by Dermalogica and pHformula. We strongly believe in their superior quality and we have seen great results from both in the past. These high end products perfectly suit our treatment method. You receive free samples if you spend over €50,- on the treatment or products.


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Your skin is a complex organ and every person has different needs. That's why all the different areas of your face require a specific approach. Through a FaceMapping analysis your skin is divided into different zones. Based on this analysis and your personal preferences we create the perfect treatment for you.


pH Formula Resurfacings make the skin stronger, more radiant and younger. The skin treatments provide the best results with:

• Skin aging [ fine lines and refining the skin structure ]
• Acne [ regulate inflammation and sebum production ]
• Hyperpigmentation [ reduce skin discolorations ]
• Chronic redness [ diffuse redness, couperose and rosacea ]

We start 2 weeks before the Resurfacing with an intensive preparatory serum and after the Resurfacing we use a recovering serum. We advise you to come in at least 4 times for this treatment (once a month). This way we ensure optimum results without 'downtime'.


Other treatments


The Dermica Pen 3 is the most thorough but at the same time the least invasive micro needling system currently on the market. This treatment provides a hygienic, fast and effective way to improve the condition of your skin and has the potential to deal with deep lines or even scar tissue.

The skin is renewed in depth without damaging the top layer of the skin (epidermis), which is an advantage over other microneedling methods. Treatments can be performed under local anesthesia. Please click here for more information.

Price overview skin treaments van Ilse Amsterdam

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van Ilse
signature treatments


First treatment 
Intake interview, skin analysis and treatment (total time of 75 minutes). After the treatment you will receive personal advice about possible follow-up treatments and product use.

€ 90,- 

A personalized 30 minutes treatment focused on one specific zone or condition that requires attention.

€ 55,-


A personalized 60 minutes complete facial treatment focused on skin improvement and maximum results.

€ 85,-


A personalized 90 minutes full facial with different layers of intensive masks and (if desired) epilation. 

€ 115,-

30min : cleansing, partial treatment, daily care.
60min : cleansing, peeling, deep cleanse, mask, massage, daily care.

90min : cleansing, peeling, deep cleanse, masks in different layers, massage, epilation, daily care.


30 min

A.G.E. helps skin reduce signs of early aging and improves dull, tired skin with pigment shifts.
€ 90,-

A.C.N.E. helps skin with acne and acne scars.
€ 90,-

M.E.L.A. helps against skin pigmentation.
€ 100,-

C.R. helps skin fight rosacea, couperose and chronic redness.
€ 80,-

V.I.T.C. refreshing boost, great if you want to shine at a party the day after.
€ 80,-

dermica pen 3

Entire face€ 165,-
Partial treatmentstarting at € 100,-
Treatment series minus 10%
(4 treatments or more)

Contact details van Ilse Amsterdam

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Pick up the phone, email us or make reservations online.


Pick up the phone, email me or make reservations online.

Business hours

Mondaytemporarily closed
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If you have questions or comments please don't hesitate to leave them below. We will reply as soon as possible, usually the same day.

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